Cyber-Physical Systems and Security (CyPhy) Lab

where we turn "sci-fi" into reality

Welcome to Cyber-Physical Systems and Security (CyPhy) Lab! Currently, our lab consists of members from both EE Department at Yonsei University as well as CS Department at National University of Singapore.

연세대학교 공과대학 전기전자공학부 사이버-물리 시스템 및 보안 연구실 방문을 환영합니다.

CyPhy Lab (pronounced as "Sci-Fi") -- previously known as SENSG at NUS -- is directed by Prof. Jun Han. The lab focuses on various aspects of sensing systems and security/privacy of mobile, embedded, and wireless systems. The lab also studies related issues in emerging technologies including drones, electric scooters, truck platooning and other vehicular applications, as well as other IoT and CPS.
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Looking for motivated students!

I am hiring new graduate students (M.S./Ph.D. students), undergraduate interns, and post-doctoral researchers. I am looking for motivated and passionate students to work on exciting research projects! Please contact me if you are interested.

세계를 선도하는 최고 수준 연구에 참여하고 싶으신 분들은 (학부/석사/박사/포닥) 연락 바랍니다. ** 연구실 소개 자료 보기 **

What's New?



  • (NEW) Bangjie, Sean, and Zhiwei's paper, "Detecting Counterfeit Liquid Food Products in a Sealed Bottle Using a Smartphone Camera" is accepted at ACM MobiSys 2022.

  • (NEW) Jonghyuk Yoon (Yonsei M.S. student) joined our group. Welcome, Jonghyuk!

  • (NEW) Prof. Jong Taek Lee, a former post-doc researcher at our group, joined Kyungpook National University as an Assistant Professor. Congrats, Jong Taek!


  • (NEW) Congratulations to Dr. Nitya Lakshmanan on the successful defense of her Ph.D. dissertation!


  • (NEW) Nitya's paper, "On Privacy Risks of Watching YouTube over Cellular Networks with Carrier Aggregation" is accepted and will appear at ACM UbiComp 2022/IMWUT.

  • Nan's paper, "EarWalk: Towards Walking Posture Identification using Earables" is accepted and will appear at ACM HotMobile'22.

  • (NEW) Cherry Kim, Gyu Yeon Kim, Sungtae Kim, and Donghun Lee (Yonsei research interns) joined our group. Welcome, all!



  • Sriram's, Sean's, and Bangjie's poster, "On Utilizing Smartphone Time-of-Flight Sensors to Detect Hidden Spy Cameras" is accepted and will appear at ACM SenSys'21. This poster accompanies our full paper also presented at SenSys'21.

  • Sriram's, Sean's, and Bangjie's paper, "LAPD: Hidden Spy Camera Detection using Smartphone Time-of-Flight Sensors YouTube" is accepted and will appear at ACM SenSys'21.




  • Our paper, "FastZIP: Faster and More Secure Zero-Interaction Pairing", in collaboration with TU Darmstadt and IBM Zurich, is accepted and will appear at ACM MobiSys'21.


  • Jun is serving as the TPC Co-Chair of ACM DroNet 2021, a co-located workshop with ACM MobiSys'21. Please submit your exciting work on drones!


  • Jay (NUS PostDoc Researcher) joined our group. Welcome, Jay!


  • Soundarya's paper, "Acoustics to the Rescue: Physical Key Inference Attack Revisited", in collaboration with Rui, Jong Taek, Ananda, and Harini, is accepted and will appear at USENIX Security'21.

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